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about project


Civil Society platform No to Phobia! was established by 13 non-governmental organizations on May 7, 2014.

The purpose of the platform: To enable a close cooperation of non-governmental organizations towards eliminating expressions of all forms of discrimination and hate speech in Georgian politics and media.


The platform has the following goals:

a) To react to hate speech by means of joint statements, declarations and other relevant mechanisms;

b) To support existing political entities in eradicating all forms of discrimination and to establish inner-party mechanisms with this goal in mind;

c) Improve media literacy

d) Raise public awareness on the issues of non-tolerance and hate speech.



The following organizations have come together to establish the platform:

Media Development Foundation, MDF

Georgian Democracy Initiative, GDI

Transparency International Georgia, TI

Tolerance and Diversity Institute, TDI


International Center for Fair Elections and Democracy, ISFED

European Centre for Minority Issues, ECMI

Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, EMC

Georgian Young Lawyers Association, GYLA

Open Society Georgia Foundation, OSGF

Constitution Article 42

Georgian Reforms Association, GRASS

Union "Safari”